Giant Inflatable Sculptures in San Francisco Experiment with Art and Technolgoy

The Exploratorium in San Francisco, California is hosting an interactive art exhibit featuring giant inflatable sculptures. The exhibition is a collective project by five different artists. Each art installation experiments with art and technology by infusing the lightness of balloons with lights and electrical wires.

According to the description posted on the website, “Spread across our indoor and outdoor galleries, these ephemeral sculptures include otherworldly organisms by Jason Hackenwerth and Shih Chieh Huang, a forest of cushiony columns by Jimmy Kuehnle, an inflatable insect-eye room from Pneuhaus, and Amanda Parer’s monumental humanoid figures peeking around corners. Fueled by the whimsy and lightness of balloons, the artists of Inflatable have infused their creations with a technology, scale, and creative complexity that expands our vision of what contemporary art can look like.”

“Fantastic Planet” by Amanda Parer. Photo by Parer Studio. 
“Please, No Smash” by Jimmy Kuehnle. Photo by Robert Muller. 
“Reusable Universes” by Shih Chieh Huang. Photo by Steve Briggs.


“Compound Camera” by Pneuhaus. Photo by Cassidy Batiz

This event is fun and innovative. The massive balloon sculptures expand the universal possibilities of art, design, and technology. Given the accelerated growth of technology, there is a huge potential to merge new digital technologies to provide a greater user experience. The relationship between humans, scale, and the natural environment makes for an exciting experience that is unexpected and other-worldly.

The inflatable was curated for the Exploratorium by Christopher Jobson, founder, and editor-in-chief of Colossal, a leading blog about visual art, design, and culture.