Cabin on a Rock

Built on the edge of a cliff, overlooking the White Mountains, this winter cabin is perfect for any small family, looking for a weekend getaway during the cold and weary months ahead. Designed by I-Kanda Architects, the structure is seated on nine hand poured concrete footings. The system allows the structure to fit within a slopped setting.


The angled roof gives the cabin an accented form.

According to I-Kanda Architects, “The cabin is perched on a granite outcropping in the White Mountains.  It was sited to project precariously over a steep drop-off, allowing dramatic views across the valley at several prominent peaks.

This point is emphasized by the panning windows, which allow the home owners to remain in the comfortable warmth of their cabin, while observing the beautiful environment surrounding them.


The quality of wood found in the interior of the cabin, complements the building skin, perfect.


Watching the sunset in this cabin, seems like a fairy-tale dream that very few of us may ever achieve.

All images © by I-Kanda Architects. If you enjoyed reading this article, you’ll love this one.

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