Blank Poster: Executing New Design Ideas

Blank Poster is a website dedicated to exercising creativity without imposing restrictions or limitations on artists and designers. Every week, posters are posted online via social media, based on a randomly generated word.

janar_siniloo_blank_poster_bottom_02 2.jpg
BOTTOM by Janar Siniloo


Daniel_Bornmann_Giant-1 2
GIANT by Daniel Bornmann
wanja_manzardo_blank_poster_kill 2
KILL by Wanja Manazardo

The platform cultivates a unique space of idea sharing. Each poster submitted is extremely different from one another, which develops a positive environment for creative thinking.

SOUND by Sabine Noe
Alex_Rustler_Throw-1-860x1204 2
THROW by Alex Rustler
UNIVERSAL by Mike Willshaw

This is a great resource for artists and designers who may be struggling to get inspired about their work. Generating new ideas can sometimes prove a challenge for artists and designers.

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