When in Doubt, Use Bebas Neue

Bebas Neue is a beautiful design creation. 

My obsession with the typeface all started when a fellow graphic designer recommended the typeface when I was having trouble creating a logo. Fast forward nearly three months later, Bebas Neue has become one of my favorite typefaces. There are thousands of typefaces available online that I can choose from—you can even argue that there are a dozen other sans serif fonts that look very similar to Bebas Neue. Nevertheless, I like what I like.

Whenever I’m working, and don’t know what typeface to use, I choose Bebas Neue as the default. The typeface has an incredible font family. When you use the font family as one working unit you can easily design something that is beautiful.


The beauty behind Bebas Neue is found in the line weights. The line weights create a distinguished form, that is modern and sleek.bebas-neune_theundergroundcircuit

Originally designed by Ryoichi Tshnekawa, Bebas Neue has become the “free font of Helevetica.”


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