The Devastating Impact of Climate Change

Zaria Forman documents the devastating impact of climate change on paper with pastel colors.

Zaria Forman is a hyper-real artist who is deeply committed to bringing awareness to climate change. Forman draws breathe-taking pictures of artic landscapes. She uses soft-pastels to manipulate pigments with her fingers to create magnificent depictions of artic glaciers floating in distant places of the world.

Her drawings allow the viewer to emotionally connect “with a place you may never have the chance to visit.” Forman believes that if you can experience the sublimity of these artic landscapes, then you might feel compelled to protect them. Climate change threatens to destroy these precious lands.

The reality is, the ice caps in the Arctic Ocean are melting at a rapid pace that is unexpected.

In July, a massive iceberg broke off of the Western Antarctic Peninsula. The iceberg was roughly the size of Delaware, and was the biggest iceberg ever recorded. When you look at Forman’s work, and consider the significance of this troubling news, it is clearly evident that climate change is a catastrophic event that threatens the planet, and everything that inhabits it. By the end of the century, the sea levels are expected to rise 10 feet.

Forman’s work conveys the urgency of climate change. If we do not take urgent action, we will risk losing these beautiful landscapes. With each fleeting moment, the precious glaciers come closer and closer to disappearing entirely from human memory. “Her drawings capture moments in time in this rapidly changing ecosystem, allowing us to celebrate what is still here and contemplate what we stand to lose.”

All images © by Zaria Forman. Please visit her website to see more of her work. If you enjoyed reading this article, I think you’ll love this one.


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