Platinum and Gold: 3D Renderings by Manzel Bowman

Manzel Bowman is a visual artist who creates digital art centered around themes of Afro-futurism. His latest work experiments with the human scale using 3D renderings of the human form made out of platinum and gold. The 3D renderings are composed like a movie sequence. Each rendering featured below has a cinematic quality. The highly saturated images posses a sacred quality, expressing a rich story, which brings the montages to life.

The story behind the 3D renderings are unknown. But the blurred lines between reality and science fiction creates a dynamic space, helping establish a super natural feeling that is alien in nature.

All images © by Manzel Bowman. Please visit his Instgram page to see more of his work. If you enjoyed reading this article, I think you’ll love this one.


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