Visual Storytelling: Digital Illustrations by Max Beech 

Based in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, Max Beech is a graphic designer and illustrator. Beech’s illustrative work tells a visual narrative of bravery and heroicism. 

Beech’s drawings are carefully composed—organized like a beautiful cut scene from a movie. The final images are minimal, yet bold and daring. 

Q/ What is the inspiriation behind your work?

“As a child I remember being enamored with the idea that a small single person could take on something huge and imposing. Things like knights fighting dragons and David versus Goliath were extremely appealing to me. I believe that comes through in my work still. I tend to want to make the focal point of my narrative tiny in an expansive environment or set against overwhelming odds.”

Q/ Where do you see yourself in your career in the next 10 years?

“I just recently launched Max Beech Creative as a business, so over the next 10 years I hope to see it continue to expand and grow. I’m honestly open to the direction, I just know I always want to be creating—that’s my passion. I want to always be evolving, surrounding myself with people better than me. That’s what pushes you to get better. That and practice- constant practice. Kind of the rule of 10,000 hours.”

All images © by Max Beech. Please visit his Instagram page to see more of his work. If you enjoyed reading this article, I think you’ll love this one


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