The Ue House by Yosuke Ichii

Located in a quiet residential area in the Osaka prefecture, the Ue House was renovated by Japanese architect Yosuke Ichii. Before the house was renovated, it was a hallow shell of a home that lacked character and originality. Now, the private residence is a charming guest house, perfect for relaxing or entertaining.


LCD lights are installed into the inner cavities of the privacy wall, helping illuminate the walk way as you enter the home.

The interior of the house features an open floor plan. White walls and ceilings are accented with grey tones. The variation in stone and tile gives the house an interesting depth. A ceiling high bookshelf spanning across the back wall, elevates the living space to a higher design quality.


The kitchen island situated in the center of the kitchen area is perfect for serving drinks and food.

Upstairs awaits a glorious bathtub, proving that the Ue House is a cozy and comfortable retreat from the boring woos of life.

Designed by Yosuke Ichii. Photos by Takumi Ota.


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