The art and design industry is a fiercely competitive market. 

Today, in order to make it as a creative graduate, you have to leave school with an entrepreneurial mindset. According to Gem Barton, author of the book Don’t Get a Job…Make a Job, “The days of trading in [your] degree certificate for a safe job offer are gone, and who knows when they will ever return?” 

While this may be a harsh reality for some to accept, if you want to succeed as a creative graduate, you have to forge a unique path for yourself—separate from the corporate economy—that will lead to success.

How to make it as a creative graduate

In the book Don’t Get a Job…Make a Job, architect and academic futurist, Gem Barton shares advice and relevant case studies from architects, graphic designers, industrial designers, and other creative professionals working in the industry who have forged successful careers for themselves while inventing a new business model.

After sitting down to read the book, I realize I can’t wait for a job to fall in my lap. In order to get ahead in my career, I have to get from behind my computer screen, and hustle hard. I strongly encourage you doing the same. While you are out there hustling,  I strongly recommend you picking up a copy of Don’t Get a Job… Make a Job by Gem Barton.

The book is required reading for any artist and designer looking to jump start their careers.

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