Work for Money, Design for Love


David Airey is a self-employed graphic designer from Northern Ireland. During his career working in the graphic design industry for nearly two and a half decades, Airey has developed three successful blogs on the internet, and established a company working as a freelance designer. A few weeks ago, I discovered his book “Work for Money, Design for Love,” while browsing through the art and design reading section of the Lawrence Public Library

Immediately, the interesting title of the book caught my attention. The catchy phrase “Work for Money, Design for Love,” spoke to my soul as an artist and designer. To my surprise, I found the content of the book to be even more interesting.

Within the 200 something pages of the book, Airey provides exceptional advice on how to grow your business, establish an online presence, and negotiate client fees while doing what you love. Refreshing and straightforward. Airey lays down a blueprint for any creative person wanting to set up shop.

The Formula

Being a college student who has career aspirations of starting and running my own business one day, I deeply admire the successful career Airey has led as a designer. When you have a similar goal as a person who is already successful, you automatically want to copy and paste the same formula in order to achieve the same level of success.

But, there is no formula.

After reading this book, I recognize that not every path leads to the same destination. Even though you have a vision for yourself, it usually doesn’t end up how you want it to or imagined. Airey does a great job at expressing this underlining message through the use of different personal testimonies from other creative professionals who have experienced great success and failure.

In a nutshell

I really enjoyed reading this book. It opened my mind up about all the inner workings of the art and design industry. I strongly recommend this book to any person who wants to start and run a creative business.

This book is required reading.

After I return the book to the library, I plan on buying my own copy of “Work for Money, Design for Love” so I can use the book as reference material in the future.

Thank you for reading! Checkout my last blog post: How to Over Come Self-Doubt. If you found this blog meaningful, please comment and share. I post new blogs every Monday.

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