How to Overcome Self-Doubt


Overcoming self-doubt is a never-ending war for any person pursing a creative profession. Just when you think you won the war, and feel certain that you  killed the dragon—you

experience another downfall in your career that makes you question your confidence again as a creative individual.

Self-doubt is one of the biggest reasons why artists, designers, and other creative individuals give up on pursuing their dreams and aspirations.

Although we love what we’re doing, and genuinely feel passionate about the work we’re creating, as artists and designers we have a deep desire to feel validated as human beings. Every day we punch in the clock, and sit down at our desks to complete a project, we want to feel like the work we’re producing is adding value to the world. However, this goal is hard to achieve when there is a voice inside your head constantly telling you that you’re not good enough.

Don’t listen to the voice inside your head

Put on your tin foil hat, Kanye shades, and tune that voice out.

The voice inside your head is the manifestation of all the negative opinions of other people. In order to succeed in your career you have to build a brick wall and block out all the negative energy. If you feel satisfied about the work you’re currently doing in your life, then that’s all the validation that you need. Don’t question or second-guess anything else.

Continue to grow and surround yourself around like-minded people

 From my own personal experience, I’ve learned that I am most creative when I’m in the company of other creative like-minded people.

Creativity is a constant flow of energy.

When you align yourself with other people who are striving towards their goals, it motivates you to continue to grow, and work hard to produce great ideas. Keep feeding off that energy. The only way to overcome self-doubt is to consistently put in the work and keep growing. It’s a process the takes time. If you’re dedicated enough, the end results will be well worth it.

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